Isn’t it time to tap back into your

Flow & Unique Magick?

Cultivate it. Create it. Create goodness from it because it’s time.

Are You . . .

Wanting to be part of a circle of women who want flow more than force because the price of pushing to be perfect has been too high in life and ambitions?

Wanting a place to be feel safe and supported as an imperfect, deeply magickal, creative, and ambitious woman/womxn who’s driven by both deep meaning and having the resources for freedom to choose her own path?

Feeling ready to step more into your personal brand of magick as a creative and creator in your life and visions as a catalyst, a conscious change agent, a creatrix of deeper powers and possibilities?

Maybe even one who knows she’s got a Witch within wanting to come out and cast more goodness into the world?

Me too.

Let’s successfully stir up some good shifts together!

Introducing . . .


Welcome to the new creativity, magick, & money club & course for female creatives & entrepreneurs

Transform Your Life with F.L.O.W.

With intentional design through Michelle’s powerful F.L.O.W. system you’ ll step into a deeper knowing of who you are and who you want to become more of. You’ll learn and experience a balanced approach for healing & creative manifestation.

This LIVE course, laid out over 6 themed weeks, will give you both room to release as well as grow, and of course, rediscover your sense of flow in your life and work.

Weekly live calls and inspiring content will guide you to create your own F.L.O.W. practice to use any time you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed, or burnt out and blocked in your creativity, clarity,  and aspirations.

Through a combination of transformational systems and practices we’ ll particularly focus on three ways to tap back into true flow energy by cultivating healthy mindsets in true creativity (being and believing vs. doing), magick (a.k.a. manifestation), and the energy of money and doing what you love.

The LIVE 6 week magickal experience is laid out like this . . .

Cast & Connect

Every transformation process starts with getting real on what’s honestly needing to change. This initiation week is our time to . . .


  • begin to ask more powerful questions
  • cast our circle of support
  • learn more about each other
  • share and set your magickal intentions of what you want to feel, see, and be by course end
  • get clear details on the program ahead and how to best grow through the 6 week journey


This week we’ll focus on uncovering and meeting the ways we hold ourselves back. Thru both energetic and contemplative practices you’ ll . . .


  • meet and release inner resistance stories
  • clear old, stuck energies to make space for newness 
  • Learn ways to meet your blocks and flow past them with empathy, self trust, and kindness
  • begin to learn, access more, and cultivate a life changing creative mindset 


This week you’ll start activating your insights so far, make more space for change by continuing to casting your self and soul clarified intentions and get grounded into your desires thru . . .


  • Creating practical and physical changes
  • Taking action thru FLOW not force
  • Create real life impact thru your choices of what you truly want moving forward
  • Release and renew your commitments to yourself


Your soul sparks and passions get to play this week. By getting in touch with ways to generate heat in who you are and what you are creating, as well as the power of burning away the old you’ ll . . . 


  • Be supported and seen in your most natural elemental nature
  • Meet your inner fires with respect thru honoring rituals & activating change
  • Embrace your cravings for combustion and courage


This week you’ ll open to possibilities and alternate paths to achieve ideas you’ve been envisioning. You’ ll learn and experience ways to invigorate your fluid intelligence and be supported thru belief shifting work to . . . 


  • believe in yourself more
  • practice ways to easily clarify and simplify any vision
  • how to practically infuse your dreams with a creative mindset to help co create what you want to happen
  • define your personal path in magick


In our final week together we’ ll . . .


  • review the journey and highlight your individual learnings and integrated shifts
  • empower your pathway with your core themes and actions moving forward on all 5 aspects of F.L.O.W.
  • Identify your next steps on all 5 aspects of F.L.O.W. 
  • Closures and closing of the circle of magick

Join at the 2021 special price – F.L.O.W. starts November 1st!

Create more flow in your days and dreams

Live and align more in your creative, magickal, and financial flow

Join at the 2021 special price – F.L.O.W. starts November 1st!

This All Sounds Great But…

Do I have to have a business to do F.L.O.W.?

This is fundamentally a personal growth and self awareness program. Because of that, any level of business you’re at is great because this is about the inner work that will create the outer changes.

Your sense of success in who you are and expression of that in what you do is the focus.

However, it’s best that you do have some ideas, inspirations, and also experience in the challenges around being creative and a heart centered mission driven entrepreneur. 

Is this about woo woo stuff or witchcraft?

Yes and no. Yes because we will purposefully work with energy, intention, elemental symbolism, and some earth based spiritualities language and practices. We will work with creatively ‘crafting’ what we want to be, do, have, and offer the world.

But all that could also be called manifestation or law of attraction work. Actually, magick ideologies is where LOA came from.

Michelle has identified as a green witch since she was a child. But this isn’t about religion or converting to a belief system. It’s about personal growth, self love, and creating success both on the inside and in your life, however YOU define that to feel, be, and be experienced.

Is this like therapy?

No, it’s coaching for personal growth as well as creative mindset mentoring in life and business.

Although Michelle has worked in psychology and does bring her counseling skills and experience to her work as a coach and teacher, this isn’t a substitute for professional mental health support. 

You are 100% responsible for yourself and your results in any of Michelle’ s programs.

Why don't you have testimonials on this offer page?

This is a new program running for the first time in late 2021. It would be out of integrity if Michelle took any of her old program and coaching testimonials and added it to this sales page.

No slimey fake marketing here. And that’s not Michelle’s style by a long shot. You are getting a phenomenal 1st run price and it will surely be more the next time it runs live. 

What's your refund policy?

You will receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee if it’s not a fit for you. We will need to receive an email at team@soulpours.com no latter than midnight PST on the 21st day, 1/2 way thru the course, and no later than 3 weeks from your date of purchasing F.L.O.W. 

If you are on a payment plan this holds true as well and all future payment schedules will be canceled. 

Do you give financial or business advice?

We will talk and coach on topics that are involved in entrepreneurism, being a professional creative or applied artists, and money. We will focus on the beliefs, self awareness, healing, and mindsets that help in life, in work, and in pursuing financial freedom.

This course is not about business set up, marketing, or financial consulting. We won’t go into strategies and tactics for business growth or things like financial planning or budgeting.

Why the three topics and not a course on just one of them?

Well, honestly, that’s not how Michelle rolls as a creative entrepreneur. The three are very intertwined.

Because how you create and what you think about your power to create is a huge part of how you live and the choices you make, including how you believe in what holds you back.

Healing past negative beliefs that we all have around being creative, faith/magick/spiritual connection, past failures, disconnections to ourselves and others, and negative financial beliefs all are part of how we are or aren’t living as our true self today and into our future.


What is a creative mindset and why do I need one?

It’s at the heart of success. As a fluid artists Michelle teaches about flow in both art and life.

Having a creative mindset is about some specific, well, mindsets and practices, that Michelle teaches in her private work and coures.

It’s what let’s you access the highly sought after flow state, it’s the center of what’s needed to ‘manifest’, it’s central to healing and resiliency, to being creative and creating your part of creating your reality, and to trusting yourself and life. Just to name a few biggies 😉.

Hi I'm Michelle, fluid artist, teacher, & creative mindset mentor

Thanks for checking out F.L.O.W. As a fluid artist and having worked in healing, coaching, and creative entrepreneurism for 30+ years, I’m thrilled to work with you in the F.L.O.W. Club to support you in reclaiming and succeeding through your uniquely personal powers & magick.

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