Hey Luv!

I’m Michelle

I’m a fluid artist, author, teacher, and coach who helps brilliant but burnt out women, wanna be wild & free creatives, and life renegades rediscover their personal flow state, rebuild self trust, and create their dream life, work, and money magick.

I help through creating and teaching Soul Pours and business coaching through F.L.O.W. Biz Growth Program and with my private clients.

Find your Unique Flow

When feeling blocked or burnt out in your creativity, work, and life, being open and in flow feels flipping hard to find.  It can seem like this idealized state and solution for stagnation is just out of reach. Like it’s some type of magic, but you must’ve slept thru that class in the school of life.

If only you could get what you’re wanting and wanting to create ‘right’. Or, worse, if you just got yourself ‘right’ in some (hidden to you) way, you’d succeed. Frustrating to say the least!

At Soul Pours, we believe that finding your flow in creativity,  life, and your livelihood is far more than just some optimized state of performance. It’s unique to each of us. It’s found when creating change and uncertainty. And it’s available both in the good and not so good times.

It’s what guides you, as Michelle jokes, to deepen into your ‘pourpose’. It’s available anytime because, at it’s core, it’s a mindset that can be tapped into and become a way to live and create . . .  wonder-fully at that.

But so much can get in the way of trusting it. Life is messy . . . but that’s where the miracles are found. Cultivating a creative mindset frees you to find F.L.O.W. again to create anything you want to be, experience, do, have, and express from your gorgeous heART & soul.

This is a Soul Pour core belief; flow is indeed magickal and totally natural. It’s always available to you . . . if you’re willing to show up for it and for yourself in the mess.

Ways to Work Together

Poursonal Art

Whether you want one of a kind abstract art to infuse your space with energy and beauty, or a more personable power totem, my signature Soul Pours process combines creativity, manifestation, and magick into a ‘pourpose – full’ art piece(s) and flow mandala.


If you’ve been fascinated by this thing called paint pouring and curious to give it a go, or wanting to go deeper and broader with techniques, best practices, as well as releasing your true creativity, I offer live classes and online courses in fluid art.


Being able to bounce back after burn out or life shockers is, at heart, a creative process. Creating ‘success’ as you define it is as well. Through healing, clearing outdated beliefs, energy practices, and cultivating an unstoppable creative mindset, you will get to know your unique way to create and grow a life full of your heart’s desires.

Idea Alchemy

As a creative entrepreneur with a strong alchemist archetype (a.k.a. new ideas & ‘downloads’ all the ding dang time!) I help you get beyond blocks in creative endeavors by helping you name them, see new possibilities with them, or how they can synergize into a new and unique offer.  Borrow my brain to get out of a creative and confused idea rut.


Working with Michelle has been great!

It’s like she really took our wishes and poured soul into it.

Being able to watch how she made the pieces as well as the love that was obviously put into them make them extra special to our family.

We feel so lucky to be able to enjoy this art now every day!

Dr. Jeremy Dubin

Working with Michelle and soul pouring was magical!

As a creative and coach myself I was blessed to receive so many new and inspiring ideas and ways that I could help my clientele just while paint pouring and working with Michelle. I felt so free!


I had really been feeling the need to explore my creativity again.

I saw Michelle’s art and it was an easy decision to take her course. It allowed me to just truly play.

Michelle puts so much heart and soul into everything she does. I encourage you to take Michelle’s courses.


I can’t wait to embark on my own creative healing process with her!

I bought this commissioned beauty recently from Michelle at Soul Pours. I’m so inspired by her commitment to creativity. She is one of the most creative sisters I know and love.

I can’t wait to embark on my own creative healing process with her!

I know she is the perfect person with the perfect creative modality to hold my hand while I learn to let go of control and unleash my creativity.


Truly extraordinary!

What I noticed from her commission query and coaching session was how deeply and thoughtfully she listens and reflects back what she’s read and heard. I felt a sense of mutual trust and respect, and I knew that whatever she created for me would come from a place of profound integrity, intuition, and integration of what she’d heard and sensed from me.
When my Soul Pour painting was delivered I was completely overwhelmed and  speechless. The painting seemed to evolve, continuing to ‘flow’ and become alive in the light. The more I looked the more I saw…so magical!
What a got was far more than I could have imagined! It is an absolutely beautiful treasure, as has been the gift of working with Michelle.