About Me

I’m Michelle

Artist, teacher, author, and mindset & business coach with a penchant for FLOW!

After working as a coach and creative for visionary entrepreneurs since 2006 I took 2020 to travel the world with my 16 y.o. son for a year.

Well, we all know how that went! I found myself back in the Pacific Northwest needing to restart and reinvent myself after I’d sold everything to support the big travel dream I’d worked for years to make happen.

In my despair and disappointment I turned to beauty and making art to soothe my soul and nervous system in such a personal and global time of uncertainty.

I went ALL IN with fluid art. Within 3 months I was selling my art and doing private commissions. By 6 months I was teaching private students as well as created and selling my gorgeous course to learn fluid art.

These days I’m still doing and teaching art as well as back to coaching women entrepreneurs in finding their FLOW in life and business.

As a mindset, marketing, and money coach who also works in somatic healing I help visionary women create their signature offer and business with my Somatic Manifestation Method and F.L.O.W. Biz Growth coaching.  



I poured myself ALL IN to fluid art. I desperatly needed to create beauty in a time when things we’re very dark.

Thru this process I realized that my innate creative mindset had always been at the heart of resiliency, manifestation, & transformation. 

So I bounced, pivoted, and found my flow again. Now I use fluid art and creative mindset coaching to help others find their flow and rediscover a personal sense of freedom to express their heART in all the ways possible for them.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the turn in the river of life that mine’s taken. Makes sense really as my last name translates to “flow”. I kid you not!

I’m passionate about helping women trust and believe in themselves again

My business mission

I’m a professional flow artist & teacher and have worked in creative entrepreneurism as a mindset & strategy coach, in creative agency, and in somatics & energy healing since 2006.

My WHY is to be part of the empowerment of creatives & women entrepreneurs to share their life & soul inspired skills, experience, and heARTs and to generate true wealth in their business so that they can create choice & creative freedom in their lives and their legacy.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create!