One-of-a-kind abstract art pieces created just for you with the energy, color alchemy, and intentions we culled from a Soul Pour coaching session. Your personal fluid art piece is a magickal portal and visual anchor of your flow, dreams, and powerful soul.

Commission Soul Pours Art for your home, workspace, office, or as a gift.

Through intuitive coaching session(s) we get to the heART of what you’re wanting to conjure and create, feel, manifest, or change.

We discover your desired color-full dreams and energy and Michelle, thru creative translation and intention, channels your personal art power piece.

Besides for one of a kind art pieces(s) to adorn your spaces with, every Soul Pour holds the intention and magick it was created with and for.

It’s your personal creative talisman that serves you as a reminder and visual anchor.

Commissioned Soul Pours costs vary due to materials, size, and whether you want a series or single painting. A downpayment is required for your 1st coaching session and an estimate is sent soon after your discovery call and intake is returned.


F.L.O.W. Biz Growth Coaching  (beta launching 7/23) is a live coaching program for women entrepreneurs wanting to create their signature system, offer, course, and program thru Michelle’s signature method of Somatic Manifestation and finding your mindset, marketing, and money flow.

In F.L.O.W. you’ll have a step by step system to create your signature offer and business along with Michelle’s signature approach accessing your personal flow state to build and naturally manifest personal success. Click the button to learn more about how you can join.


Michelle offers instruction for beginners and experienced fluid artists thru private classes and online courses.

She coaches on cultivating a powerful creative mindset as well as how to find your flow in art, life, and financial freedom.

For fluid art instruction check out The Quintessential Course in Fluid Art.


Private Sessions

Being able to bounce back after burn out or life shockers is, at heart, a creative process. Creating ‘success’ as you define it is as well.

Through coaching, clearing outdated beliefs, energy practices, and cultivating an unstoppable creative mindset, you will feel supported and self trusting again to create and grow in your life and in your creative and business eandevors.

Michelle comes from a counseling background and has worked in the fields of coaching and creative entrepreneurism for several decades. 

Want to “borrow my brain” or need a powerful “soul storming” session? As a serial creative entrepreneur and coach, including having been creative director in branding, Michelle offers intensive 1 to 1  Idea Alchemy sessions for those stuck with too many ideas, not enough ideas, one’s that feel close but still off, or that sense of creative chaos when you’re overwhelmed by all the noise.

Idea Alchemy is for those who want help in creative naming, seeing the ‘system’ in the solutions, sorting thru what fits and what doesn’t, and strategizing your ideas into a vision that makes sense for you to authentically follow through with as your unique style as a creative entrepreneur.

These are highly productive, focused intensives to help you get over any idea hump and slump you’re going through.

In a 2.5 hr. session we’ll take what you’ve got so far, infuse some fresh perspectives and possibilities as they arise, and turn them into something new you can pursue thru Idea Alchemy.