A Year of Empathy

A daily inspirational reader that speaks to your creative and senstive heart’s strengths.

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In this inspiring and affirming daily reader you’ll;


Feel validated and inspired to be your truest creative and sensitve self


Get daily high fives and fist bumps to show up authentically


Hear humorous and maverick inspired  perspectives that empower and encourage you to live wildly and wonderfully just as you are


Grow in your self empathy and compassion for your creativity and sensitive nature

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A little about the author, Michelle.

Hello Luv! Thanks for your interest in my book. I wrote this in 2018 when having specialized in working with highly sensitive persons (HSPs) empaths and creative + sensitively powerful entrepreneurs for many years. 

As an HSP and empath myself I needed to write the book that I had always wanted growing up. To hear, feel, and trust myself more and receive the validation I craved for my creative and sensitive strengths and core Self. 

I trust this little empathic and empowering book will give you the same.

My book is in the works to be published in hardback next year! But until then I know this digital copy will give you tons of inspiration and ways to love your sensitive, creative self more deeply every day!

Blessed be.

Presented by Michelle Wirta, fluid artist & creative mindset mentor and coach, founder of Soul Pours and Soul Enterprises LLC.