The FLOW Oracle is soon flowing into being!

I’m so flippin’ excited to share with you my 1st oracle deck, a dream since I was a tween and discovered Tarot and divination. Preorder your copy today!

Ready for preorder now, available Fall 2021

Special $38 Launch Price good thru:








Created by Michelle, artist and creative mindset coach at Soul Pours & Soul Enterprises LLC.

Need a daily divine hit of inspo for your heART and creativity and creative work path? Don’t we all😉!

This new deck will include:


55 stunning cards with a power word plus  quick reference keywords for your inspiration, divination, and everyday in depth dose of connected guidance


5 different and special systems of interpretation interwoven into the deck to add multiple layers of oracular depth


Gorgeous, real photos of Michelle’s fluid art adorning each card to boost each one’s Soul Pour intentional magickal message


A proper card box and booklet for you to read more indepth descriptions of each cards message and symbolic meanings

Be the first of 50 to order and get the special launch price including shipping in U.S. of only $38 USD! 

A deck for creatives and those who crave more divine FLOW and guidance in your life and livelihood.

Hi Luv! Michelle here to tell you a tad more about things.


Making a deck is truly a dream come true for me. Like you, I love all things magickal that reveal deeper meanings and serentipities that help me feel more connected and aligned to forces and flows bigger than me.

As an artist and creative mindset mentor I love to support my students and clients to find their personal FLOW and connection to their heARTfelt desires and their tangible, everyday life expressions. 

This deck is guided not just by the 55 focus words and Soul Pours art intentionally chosen for each cards message, but you’ll also be supported by the wisdom of elementals, symbols, aspects of the Tarot, as well as power animals. 

It’s been a true joy (and of course tons of creative work too ;)) to design my first of many future decks.

Injoy the FLOW oracle and may it show you the love and power that’s already flowing in and thru you Luv!

Ready for preorder now, available Fall 2021