Ready to try the super popular paint pouring art style?

Here’s the course with everything you need to stART and get your flow on with professional fluid artist and creative mindset coach Michelle Wirta!

Are You Curios to . . .

explore paint pouring and fluid art but worried about costs, supplies, and all the how to’s to get going? Maybe you’re wanting a creative outlet that helps you unwind, loosen up, and flow more in your full and demanding life?

And slopping about paint, even if maybe a little intimidating or even weird, sounds like a fun way to blow off some steam and maybe even make something you’ll want to hang on your wall?

I get it! Times of late brought many of us to seek creative ways for self care . . .

To create is such a core human need. Paint pouring and fluid art is a fabulous way for anyone to take some time to create and, even if us adults can cringe a little at this . . . to play more! Fluid art is a fantastic entry point to start and have a creative practice that anyone can do with practice and without years of being super crafty or have tons of art and design school training.

be Hi! I’m Michelle, your teacher . . .

I went ALL IN to fluid art when the world changed in 2020. I’ve worked in creative entrepreneurism and coaching for years and done oodles of different types or art since I was a kid.

But it wasn’t until fluid art found me and powerfully helped to heal me, that I truly felt like I’d discovered my artistic home base.

It was a creatively healing thing that I randomly happened upon at a time when I felt like everything in my life and world felt completely out of control.

Along with the 2020 pandemic, a huge dream for my son and I, that I’d worked on for years as a single mom, was cancelled faster than you can say what the friggin’ flip!?

I found myself moving straight into artistic messiness and, quite literally, pouring myself and my feelings onto canvases everyday, all day. I nose dived into color and the power of intentionally, creatively,  losing control.

I poured my soul out day after day and eventually found my flow, trust, and center again.

After posting my color joy bombs of one of a kind fluid art on social media people began asking to not only purchase my art, but to teach and be coached around how to let go and find more flow and self trust in art and in their lives and work creations. 

I’m ALL IN with fluid art and creative mindset coaching in art, life, and with creative entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to for you to discover and trust your flow and heART too!


Introducing . . .  The Quintessential Course in Fluid Art!

This robust and well designed course is an awesome way to help you explore fluid art. Whether you’re a total newbie or someone who’s been dabbling and you want to understand paints, color combos, and processes on a more comprehensive level, including many best practices and artist tips, you’ll find it in this course!

 This course is designed with your enjoyment and building your knowledge & skills in mind and heART!

Module 1

Introductions, course layout for easy navigation, and promises to help you make this course more than just a DIY paint pouring learning experience.

Making art is a transformative experience if you let it. And fluid art is especially so if you’re drawn to it to learn how to be more in flow in creativity AND your life.

Module 2

This module is all about what you’ll need to gather, along with easy things you can even pick up at your local grocery store. We cover everything for starter supplies, options to save money, and avery day items, plus a checklist, on how to get what you need for under $100.

Module 3

In this module you’ll have many lessons and practical pointers for prep, space set up, and tons of tried and true tips on how to make your pouring practice, time and money spent,  and your own energy and creative focus flow best so that you can paint more and clean up less!

Module 4 - 7

In these in depth teaching modules,  with their many useful knowledge packed lessons, we go into paint types, paint science, mediums, additives, and more! We also go into the science and unique aspects of why and how unique and abstract effects happen in fluid art because it’s really not just about throwing paint around 😉

We also cover color theory, ingredients, prep and mixing tips,  and how to create amazing combos, composition, plus developing your technique and your artistic eye that every budding and experienced fluid artists needs to build solid foundations in paint pouring and make exceptional, stunning art.

Module 8

Did someone say there’s a technique-a-palooza pouring down? Most certainly there is! 11 of the most popular fluid art techniques taught in levels of easier to more challenging to learn. But don’t go into over achieving here as they all create unique results. Especially since, as a heads up, this is a heal your inner perfectionist type of course and art form 😉


Included bonuses are;

  • How to Keep it Green in your Paint Pouring practice.

  • Let’s Bloom Baby! An intro to an advanced technique.

  • Studio on the Go – Tips on how to take your practice with you when traveling.

  • A discount to private lessons and sessions with Michelle AND MORE!!



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Other students have said . . .

Michelle’s step-by-step teaching method provides the right amount of instruction on how to do several Fluid Art styles.  Even via video, Michelle creates a dynamic, even sacred space in which to not only learn but also explore the more personal side of yourself in areas you may bump up against in this style.”

Artist & CEO

Having dabbled in acrylic pouring before, I was curious. Being a creative, having a block becomes a bit of a challenge. I was looking for a new way to create in hopes of freeing my mind and allowing it to work through some of the current challenges I have been facing. Learning from Michelle did not dissapoint!”

Photographer & Filmmaker

“Working with Michelle and her Soul Pouring was magical!”As a creative and coach myself I was blessed to receive so many new and inspiring ideas and ways that I could help my clientele just while paint pouring. I felt so free!”

Coach & Creative

“By the time you’ll complete this course you’ll be a more competent and creative paint pouring ‘Flowster’, in art and in how you roll in your life since this course and fluid art teaches you to let go and flow more. “

Michelle, Creator of Soul Pours & Soul Pours Academy

Over 30 videos + a stunning 80 pg. course companion book

This is called the ‘quintessential’ course because Michelle teaches you all the necessary and foundational elements to become whatever level you want to be in fluid art, from hobbyist to full on abstract artist. And you know what the 5th element magick is? YOU of course!

For show and tell here are a few pieces of Michelle’s fluid art.

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This All Sounds Great But…

How long do I have access to the course?
As long as it’s online on Soul Pours Academy it’s yours. It’s DIY so you can take it at your own pace and download the workbook and PDFs as you need as well as when any new helpful info is added.
How can I get extra help if I get stuck?
Email team@soulpours.com if you have any tech troubles and we’ll get back to you within 48 hrs or less.

If you want to more in person help you can join one of Michelle’s live courses and Facebook groups. Or schedule a private lesson and session with Michelle with your  25%  bonus discount. Your private code for that is sent after registration.

What if I'm a total newbie not only to fluid art but painting?
Please know this is a very safe place to start then. Michelle designed this course to be not only about your skills but your inner game and creative mindset. She has worked with people for over 30 years in some form of personal and professional growth so this course will help you in both your creative abilities and in a self caring and supportive attitude.
How is this different than other courses in fluid art?
At this time there aren’t many courses in fluid art out there. The few that are focus on a particular technique and are very ingredients oriented.  That’s great if you specifically want to do one technique.

This course offers tons of important basics, best practices, loads of technical teachings, and a variety of techniques and essential know hows to make your art and time efficient and enjoyable.

How this course also differs is you get to learn fluid art along with self awareness coaching for your personal growth and how you can empower yourself to trust not just your growing abilities as an artist, but your creative intuition and unique self expression.

Can I do this if I've been doing some fluid art already?
Well, that depends. It’s made for someone who’s new to fluid art. But because of the essential foundational lessons in paint science, effects, color theory, and the many techniques, best practices, and bonuses, it certainly would benefit a range of experiences because it’s very thorough and there’s always something new to learn.

Also, some people never learned foundational things and are wonderfully winging it, so this course could take them even further. Who it’s not for would be well seasoned and professional fluid artists

Do you have a refund policy?

We give you 1 week from purchase to see if it’s the right course for you. If not then you can submit a refund request within that 1 week after purchase date to team@soulpours.com for a refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Is there a supplies list to take away the guesswork?

There is a checklist for start up supplies, as well as plenty of information on brands and products you can purchase in the course. The course workbook is full of good info, including cheat sheets and formula pages.

Michelle has also included for you a PDF with Amazon Links of many of her favorite supplies for your shopping ease.

Let's get really real. Is paint pouring easy? Some say even a kid can do it because it's just slopping paint out, right?

The beauty of fluid art is that anyone can try it and, like anything, get good at it with lots of practice . Also, it’s true that sometimes you can ‘paint’ something stunning in a day or even an hour.

But is it easy? Sometimes. Is it for kids? Sure, why not! Can it take time and talent to create something wall or gallery worthy? Yes, that too.

Fluid art is indeed a real art form because, although some techniques look simple, there are many that can be complex and very challenging. Fluid art, in general, is actually hard for many people, even other artists, because it truly asks you to let go of most of your control.

Why do we tend to believe that things of worth have to be hard? Is fluid art hard? Sometimes. But the freedom is found in letting go and flowing and to create something that’s utterly unique. And that’s priceless on many levels!